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CathyS TSB

Carrot Brightening Set Creams, Soap, Serum

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Natural catotene can effectively resist the skin oxidation, make the skin white  and smooth, maintain elasticity and luster, and have a thin texture. Good absolution, provides long-term moisturizing to the skin, and can effectively brighten the skin. The skin-friendly native collagen  molecule moisturizes, promotes the regeneration of skin collagen, Improves the elasticity  of the skin, and makes the skin young and elastic

Ingredients: Collagen, carrot oil, xylitol, mannitol, glycerin, vitamin E, vitamin A, honeysuckle extract, nicotinamide, white mineral oil, water-soluble jojoba fat, glycerol, shea butter, stearate, flavor, deionized water.

Usage: After bathing, dry the body, apply the product to the body, gently massage and pat clockwise until absorbed.

Note: Please keep in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

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    Carrot Brightening Set Creams, Soap, Serum - CathyS TSB
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