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CathyS TSB

Lemon Lightening Cream

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The glutathione factor is specially added to make the skin lightening from the inside out, become naturally  brighten, the classic whitening molecule nicotinamide accelerates ths skin metabolism, amd the arbutin molecule is small and easy to absorb, improving  the dullness of the skin. Even skin tone, triple whitening , brightening layer by layer.

Ingredient: Glutathione, Lemon, nicotinamide, hydroxueth-ylpiperazine, ethane, sulfonic acid, a-arbutin, sodium hyaluronate, fatty alcohol, honeysuckles extra nicotinamide, white mineral oil, water-soluble joho bale, carbomer, glycerin, glycerol, dimethicone, shea butter, stearate, flavor, deionized water.

Usage: After bathing, dry the body, apply the product to the body, gently massage and pat clockwise until absorbed.

Note: Please keep in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.


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    Lemon Lightening Cream - CathyS TSB
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    I have been using your products for over 2 years. I will never stop thanking you for letting me know my true beauty


    like everyday i wake up and breathe it's the same i can't go a day without using @cathystsb products


    Plis map fè esperyans avek prodwi yo se plis map renmen yo


    Mwen itilize prodwi stretch marks yo, mwen satisfè


    I use almost all of your products and love the results


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